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Basic Facts

  • Habbo Username: Mil-Eternal (Former Usernames are currently Unavailable)
  • Real Life Name: Katie
  • First Year: July of the Year 2005
  • Age: 17
  • Image:
  • Image: PH2333.jpg

How I was Exposed to Habbo Military Organizations

I first started habbo back in 2005. My brother just began playing it a year before, he is now 19. My brother was VERY addicted to habbo and allowed me to know that he was addicted because of the Military Organizations which were forming. A Year later he finally taught me about all this Nerdy Computer Chizz and I figured out how to register there. I would watch him help organize One of the Original Militaries, Military-Might, AKA. Rick. No other clear information on his affiliation with the United States Army other than them knowing each other. My Brother is pretty experienced Habbo Militaries and taught me how they work Etc. I first began working for rick as a W-4. As i learned more from my brother and Rick's Current built administration, I progressed through the ranks that late next year (06) i received the Field Grade Rank of O-5 and the Director of Intelligence Position. About 2-3 months had passed and rick's Current administration had decided to have Flag Grades O-7 and O-8 Hold the Directors roles of Intelligence and Defense. My position was taken away, but the following day I was appointed by the Administration to serve as the Major General, Director of Intelligence. I Served as Major General for nearly a year, but I had left habbo on a 9-11 Month scale. Following with me an honorable discharge due to personal issues in my family. When i arrived back on Habbo it was the year 2007, December/January, My brother had finally quit and concentrated on his studies. I met with all my good friends. Apparently, in my mind i didn't want to return to Rick's Administration so i decided to explore around the Military World. From 2007 - 2009 I had Served The American Armed Forces, The Department of Defense, The Austrailian Defense Force, The Habbo Armed Forces later to be known as The United States Army Reserve (USAR-Command), The Canadian Forces, The USSR, The United States Navy, and The United States Air Force.

I'm very good with being an Advisor. The Habbo Armed Forces was considered a low class Military Organization, until they appointed me as their LTG. I guided their Military in the correct path and they later made themselves become USAR-Command. I only Served the USAR for a limited amount of time, seeing news had gotten out I was advising some Military Organizations in the correct way.

Military Specializations

  1. Department of Intelligence: I have HIGH knowledge in the Intelligence Department and MOS.
  2. Department of State: I have HIGH knowledge in the State and Government Department and MOS.
  3. Department of Liaison: I have HIGH knowledge in Army Liaison and it's MOS.
  4. Department of Interior: I have MODERATE knowledge of Interior and it's MOS.
  5. Department of Warfare: I have HIGH knowledge in Warfare and it's MOS.
  6. Department of Defense: I have HIGH knowledge in the Defense Techniques and it's MOS.

I am experienced with nearly all Military Billets, MOS, and their Departments. Billets I have Good Experience with:
  • Intelligence
  • Military Police
  • Judge Advocate
  • Foreign Liaison Office/Public Affairs
  • The Advisory Council
  • Training & Doctrine Education Commission